Property investment

When done properly, investing in property is regarded as one of the most lucrative and safest way to invest your hard earned savings maximising the return and minimising the risk. In order to do this thorough due diligence and investigation must be carried out.

At MCL Property we have been working with investors for over 10 years. We offer a tailor made solution to meet your needs and plans. Whether you are a seasoned property investor or starting out on the first one, we are with you every step of the way.

The old saying of “you make your money when you buy a property” still holds true today. However, many investors focus on capital appreciation rather than actual rental income (yield). We have ALWAYS focused on rental income. Our belief is while capital appreciation will happen, it is not something you can pay your bills with, or take to the bank and deposit in to your account. A consistent good monthly rental income is exactly that though.

Our Approach:

We sit down with you and discuss what you are looking for, what goals you want to achieve and work with you to devise the best strategy to fit.

We actively search the market and use our contacts to bring you investments and opportunities that meet your criteria. We often source property at a discount, meaning you are ahead from day 1.

Before any opportunity is presented to you, we thoroughly vet and perform our own due diligence to make sure your time and money is not wasted.

We then manage the entire process, from purchasing the property and helping organise finance (if required), performing any refurbishment to letting the property out as quickly as possible and start generating income.

You can be fully involved or simply receive regular updates and carry on with your busy schedule. We make sure everything is done to the best standards at the best price.

Below are some examples of what we have done for our clients.

Example 1

Property – 3 bedroom semi-detached located in residential area, 2 receptions rooms, kitchen, downstairs toilet and family bathroom.

Purchase price – £87,500 (market value £110,000)

Refurbishment – £550 (replacement of some carpets and small electrical works)

Total cost (inc legals & fees) – £90,050

Rental income – £650 pcm

Return – 8.5% pa NOT including capital appreciation

Example 2

Property – 3 bedroom semi detached in residential area, 1 reception room, open plan kitchen diner downstairs toilet and family bathroom

Purchase price – £90,000 (market value £115,000)

Refurbishment  – £0 (furniture and white goods negotiated in purchase price)

Total cost (inc legals & fees) – £94,000

Rental Income – £1040

Return – 13% pa NOT including capital appreciation

Example 3

Property – 3 storey palisade villa, 5 bedrooms, 2 reception rooms, 2 toilets and family bathroom, kitchen and dining area.

Purchase price – £155,000 (market value £175,000)

Refurbishment – £25,000 conversion into 8 rooms and bedsits

Total cost (inc legals etc) – £183,325

Rental Income – £2643 pcm

Return – 17% pa NOT including capital appreciation

Example 4

Property – large run down 3 storey guest house, 18 rooms, 2 reception rooms, 6 toilets and shower rooms.

Purchase price – £330,000

Refurbishment – £100,000

Total cost (inc legals etc) – £440,900

Rental Income – £6976 pcm

Return – 19% pa NOT including capital appreciation

These are some examples of the many investments we have sourced, refurbished and now manage for our clients. We pride ourselves on offering the best investments which is why our clients work with us over and over again.

Not only can we source properties, we sell for investors too. If you want to realise your investment we can often sell a property without you having to remove tenants and loose income.

Contact us to arrange a no obligation free discussion on how we can work with you on strategic property investing to maximise your returns and minimise risk.


  • A proven track record in high return property investments.
  • Full service including sourcing & purchase, refurbishment  and on-going management.
  • Full compliance with all legislation including licensing, fire and gas safety.
  • Help with finance and tax planning.
  • Selling when required.

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